Our Solution

Our Solution

Latin American and Caribbean fortunately are blessed with an abundance of natural renewable energy sources.  Think of the intensity of the solar-rays generating energy at a high intensity for maximum output from solar panels daily from the sun, or the constant coastal wind breeze that flows through the Caribbean.

The new innovations and developments made in the technology in producing renewables make it readily available at a fraction of the cost from a couple of years ago.

Renewable energy is the best economic option for generating a new and a reliable source of clean energy, especially for the countries that rely heavily on the importation of fossil fuel as their primary source of electricity.

The islands of the Caribbean pay a high cost  to import 90% of their electricity from dirty fossil fuel, both monetarily and environmentally.

Central America as a whole has the highest number of countries at or below the average number of homes/schools/clinics without any electricity which includes Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Panama.

Together they are home to just over 8 million people without any reliable electricity.

The country that needs the attention the most is Haiti, which currently has 8.6 million people without electricity, 15% of the total population.

It is a shame that all the money raised to help the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010 never made it to the people who deserved and needed it the most; the Haitians.

Soon this will be impacted further due to the massive deportation of the Haitian people from the Dominican Republic that is currently taking place in June, 2015.


We want to focus on the children in Latin America and the Caribbean and the organizations that specifically care for them.

Our mission is to  not only educate and inspire these organizations and communities; but most importantly, the children who will be the innovators and leaders of the future in the hopes for a more sustainable future.

Our “Projectos de Luz/Projects of Light” will make a positive impact on the lives of these children in clinics, schools, centers and communities for years after the initial installation.

We feel it is essential to get the entire community involved in these projects that can be a positive impact on the children in their area.

These projects gives children a chance of a more productive life, by giving them “luz” or “light” for a brighter future.

Our “Projectos de Luz/Projects of Light” will be “group funded; which gives donors the option where to specifically donate.


Children’s Organizations

Daz Me Luz was formed to expand access to modern sources of energy for the youth organizations throughout Latin America and Caribbean.

“Projectos de Luz” or “Projects of Light” will help non-governmental and non-religious organizations who help children in that specific location.

The children’s organizations we partner up with could be a rural school or clinic where an entire off-grid renewable energy system is needed,  or a battery back-up system for a children’s home or hospital located in the city to ensure electricity during the frequent outages due to inefficient grids.

We want our partners to take ownership and have pride in the projects installations that we do.

All of our projects will be free of cost to the particular organization and will include routine maintenance and service.

We want to lessen the financial burden of the cost of operating these organizations who help the children.

We want to install and invest renewable/efficient energy systems for the   that invest in the development of the children.

Our projects will immediately increase the value of the organization’s property, reduce or eliminate their electric bill, provide reliable electricity; but most importantly, it gives a child hope or “luz/light for a brighter future.

“Crowd Funding”

Crowdfunding, is a funding method where common people like you and me, can donate or fund a specific project.

This allows us to set up our individual “Projectos de Luz” or “Projects of Light” and it gives a donors the capability to specifically donate to a project in a certain area and/or country.

For example, if someone living in the Boston, Ma and who is originally from Santiago, Dominican Republic can specifically donate to a project for Conani which is a child’s shelter in Santiago.

The best part is, all donations made through “Daz Me Luz” are tax deductible here in the U.S. while supporting a project in your home country.

Crowdrise specializes with dealing with real world issues while supporting non-profit organizations through their creative platform.

They fund for animal welfare, arts, cultures, diseases, education, and even religion.

“If you don’t give back, no one will like you.”

That’s the tagline for Crowdrise, the social-fundraising platform launched in 2010 by actor Edward Norton, producer Shauna Robertson and Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe.  If you find it a little too direct, a little too irreverent, well, that’s their point.


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