Projectos de Luz/Light

Projectos de Luz/Light

Where we work

By partnering with U.S. manufacturers of renewable and energy efficiency products, we are able to deal directly with both the installers and distributors throughout Latin America and Caribbean, who have the expertise and knowledge of their terrain, capabilities, local laws and regulations.

Doing this independently; as you can imagine, can be difficult and time consuming.

All projects will be installed by technicians who have been trained and certified by our United States manufacturers, which will enable us to maximize and guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty to the organization.

The map below is the area that is in dire need; the island countries of the region, who rely heavily on fossil fuel, as their main source of electricity up to 90%.

The island countries are not blessed with natural resources (oil/natural gas) or the access critical fuel from nearby countries and/or pipelines, which means they import tanker ships full of dirty oil and coal on a constant basis.

This region; however, is blessed with intense solar rays and constant wind breezes 24/7, which has the potential and the capability to generate more energy potential than Germany.  What are you waiting for……….“Daz Luz”


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Caribbean Map

The Islands of the Caribbean is in a unique situation given their heavy dependence on imported fossil fuels; some up to 90%, such as in the Dominican Republic. Many of the other countries- from Mexico down to Argentina/Chile- they all either have an abundance of natural resources, or the luxury of being able to transport fuel from neighboring countries through pipelines.

Other critical factors in concentrating on this  area,  are the rising sea levels, the frequency and strength of hurricanes and other natural disasters, like the devastating earthquake in Haiti 2010. The Island nations are the most vulnerable to the effects of both the volatile price of imported fuel and climate change.

Our general donation account, will fund projects in these countries that need the most help now…


Dominican Republic


Puerto Rico





We do want to reiterate that we DO have the capability to do projects throughout the Latin America and Caribbean with our certified renewable energy installers in the following countries.

Aruba Flag






Belize flag


British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands




Trinidad & Tobago

If you are interested in starting a “Projecto de Luz/Light” for a children’s shelter or clinic in your home country.

Please contact us today..”Daz Luz”  “Give Light”

Off-Grid Wind/Solar Energy Systems

Remote Sites with no access to electricity, often depend on off-grid renewable energy systems to meet their power requirements. This enables these projectos to optimize their system and provide a reliable, safe and cost effective power source. Paired with an inverter charger and battery backup it can provide a child light to study at night or help a rural clinic store life-saving vaccines for the children.

The use of these energy storage solutions helps these children’s organizations to access electrical power for lighting, computers, refrigerators and other important equipment, that helps in a child’s development.

On-Grid Wind/Solar Energy Systems

Being on-grid and net-metering are the most cost effective ways to store energy for solar/wind energy systems. Since you are tied to the grid, you won’t need a battery back-up since you can pull energy into or from the grid. On-grid solar/wind projects are typically more simple than off-grid ones because for an on-grid set up, the power goes directly into your utility grid.

Think of the utility grid as a large battery that is already available for your system to store an unlimited amount of the energy that it produces. When a wind/solar energy system is grid-tied, the excess power that is produced can turn your net meter backwards, eliminating or reducing the electricity bill/cost for the organization, as well as, generating power for the community.





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